Slow Down b/w 16 With A Bullet
- Scott Morgan (America) and The Hellacopters (Sweden)

Label:Sub Pop Records

If you donít know who Scott Morgan is, then I strongly suggest you quickly find out. Originally finding fame in the 60ís as the lead singer with the Rationals, he also had the distinction of playing with the legendary Sonicís Rendezvous Band during the 70ís. Currently playing with Hydromatics, he teamed up with Swedenís The Hellacopters during their last tour of America to record this 7 inch release. Not only does Scott Morgan still have one of the most soulful voices in rock music but he is also a shit-hot guitarist. Add to this the red-hot playing of the Hellacopters as his backing band and you have one killer record. The A-side Slow Down (Take A Look) is the better of the two songs (although only just), which starts slowly and then builds into an exciting climax before Scott Morgan pleads with the band to Slow Down... The piano paying by Peter Ollsonn is a pleasant surprise that reminds me a lot of the late, great Nicky Hopkins. The flip 16 With A Bullet is more of a straight ahead rock song but with a backing band like the Hellacopters this is no middle of the road stuff.

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